Friday, December 28, 2007


Reservation@1 generation, @1 person in the family & @1 stage of career!

Actually the problem is not with the people who are enjoying reservation system, the
constitution itself is in wrong direction. When it was made by Dr. B R Ambetkar, he did valid it for only first 10 years. Later the government bodies have extended that for their minority vote bank.

As per my view the best practice would be the reservation has to be provided for only one generation in that whole family, that too only once in their career stage, the choice can be given to themselves. At any one time of their career like at the time of graduation college seat or employment. Because if once they are given reservation, its meant that they became equally facilitated with non-reservation person, the why should he given the reservation at any other point of his career or to his next generation also? Why should they get habituated for reservation for
generations & generations, at all stages of his career repeatedly?

Once he got an equal seat in a college even with less merit to non-reservation candidate, he studies with same facilities & comes out of that college. Then again why should he given the reservation while going for employment? And why should his children be given reservation later? So at present scenario, if a candidate has given reservation in entrance test, he gets seat in college with less merit, then he comes out from the college & go for employment again he gets his job even with poor performance as they have their reserved jobs in that sector, he gets his family & again his children enjoys the reservation even though their parents are in good economic position with their jobs, it keep on going for their future generations also which doesn’t make any sense of providing reservation repeatedly & at all stages of their careers. This leads to improve the living standards of only that family who used his reservation effectively for first time, the remaining backward people will be in the same back lock stage if they lose the opportunity for first time. That’s why we still looking people who deserve real reservation in BPL; Bellow Poverty Line.

After all this is again stupidity & unfair about these minority leaders fighting for more reservation categories bothering government & others doing all this fasting tricks, strikes & spoiling public properties...its very cheap in mentality.!! And its nonsense asking for reservation in private sector also for which government is willing to do so! If the governments really want to help the backward people who need reservation, give them financial status to study by giving money or by providing free facilities. Why should a non-reservation person should lose his opportunity even with the better performance than a reservation candidate? Why do they want to snatch the opportunity?

After all every body who opts for a business is to get some profit out of that, then why would they need to employ some one who can not perform well & comes for job with just reservation?

Even this reservation should be in the form marks in the entrance exams, not as reserving seats in the college or employment. They can be awarded some extra marks.

I can surely prove that most of the students are reservation candidates who are getting detained & not completing their engineering in 4 years at present. Due to their admission through reservation, a non-reservation candidate who can perform better had to lose his seat in that college, so its obviously waste of that no.of seats. Also I can prove the greedy people who are above normal economic standards and enjoying the free seat scenario in engineering colleges@annual income bellow 1 lac, this is absolutely snatching the opportunity from a real need candidate. This is the present citizen’s standard of thinking & obviously corrupt government officials who gives them the respective income certificate just for bribe.

So please don’t leave more choices to citizens & educate them not to enjoy any public facility if that’s not meant for you, there is already some one who really needs it, please don’t grab the last food from his mouth!

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