Thursday, November 15, 2007


Recent news flow on a telugu news channel TV9 on 13th November, 2007;

· 6pm IST (Flash News): “A boy has been kidnapped in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh” (Flashed for 20-30 times)

· 7pm IST (News Update): “First phone call received from Kidnappers to that boy’s parents demanding Rs.500,000/- for safe return of their son” (Flashed for 20-30 times)

· 7.30pm IST (News Update): “Second phone call received from Kidnappers to that boy’s parents threatening, if the police or media is with you, its dangerous to that boy” (Flashed for 20-30 times)

· News update on next day evening: “The kidnapped boy is killed

One can easily imagine! What could be the reasons or chances for killing that boy without getting anything? What made the kidnappers to kill that innocent boy?

Here come the answers;

· When the kidnappers did ring for first time & demanded for money, they might not be aware that there is police & media was in contact with parents. As soon as they called & asked for money, within no time TV9 has updated its news that kidnappers have called to demanded for money (till now it is not a problem in updating their news as the condition is normal).

Now by watching their conversation on TV the kidnappers might come to know that police & media are with the victims. So they called again only to threaten the parents not to be with police & media, otherwise they would be dangerous to the child. Those innocent parents being in panic of losing their loving kid revealed everything to media also other than the police.

Now the commercial & irresponsible behavior of TV9 came into picture, they did also update the news with the conversation of second phone call also which was not at all useful to track that boy, that too flashing for so many times only to cash the viewers enthusiasm without even bothering & thinking about what happens next to the boy if the culprits watch this news also, which lead to killing of that innocent kid. So the culprits might come into conclusion that media is still with the victims, they must have killed that boy as the news has spread all over the state and they might be tensed of getting caught by the police if they still prolong that conversation. To be in safe side first they might killed that boy & escaped.

Who is responsible for boy’s murder? Police? TV9? Or innocent parents?

If one can think with a little bit of common sense, he/she can surely get into confirmation that the very first culprit is MEDIA for broadcasting the phone conversation even after the kidnappers threatened not to be in contact with media, later secondly its POLICE for allowing TV9 to broadcast like this sensitive news which may lead to dangerous situations, and lastly parents for revealing all the phone conversation to the media also other than police, even though we can not blame them, its just a common mistake they did in panic which has been cashed by TV9.

“So now it is our turn to protest against TV channel being commercial & irresponsible in life & death issues like the above case!”

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This channel did not even leave this issue after that boy was killed. They have been asking SMS pinion questions like “what is your opinion in killing this boy?” because the will get income from these SMSs polled as they are charged in premium rate. This much commercially turned out TV channels we are trusting everyday & they have to be shamed of campaign themselves as fighting for better society.

Not only this news, there are some programs in all the telugu TV channels which shows all the murder & cheating cases by shooting with actors, nice interesting dubbing with expressions & back ground music which resembles as same as the real story.

I could not understand what is their motto behind this in telecasting these serials is? What do they want to show to viewers? What message the viewers are getting from these programs?

On top of it people may get ideas for doing like these things.

For ex: if one watches like this serial in TV & already he/she has a thought of doing such things (murder or robbery), what he/she gets from that program is nice ideas to do the same without leaving clues to police. He/She tries to avoid the mistakes done by culprit while murdering in the serial, also he will master plan in a way not to give clues to police as he/she came to know that how the police interrogation & inquiry goes in like these cases.

If you still think that TV9 really wants to show to the people what is happening around the state, I can give you the remembrance of the next day to bomb blast day in Lumbini Park, Hyderabad. All the people in the city & around the state are watching TV to check out the situation in city, condition of bomb blast victims, and their families, TV9 had telecasted actor Mr. BalaKrishna’s daughter & ex-chief minister Mr. ChandraBabu Naidu’s son marriage in live, highlighting & proudly saying all the way that the marriage function is exclusively covering by TV9 only. They were just updating bomb blast news on a scrolling at bottom of the screen, where the whole screen is covered by happy marriage function, when all the people were in depression & shock of blast. You can imagine why was that, because the only reason is they get paid for telecasting that marriage as live event. If some one thinks that how surely can I say they got paid for it, if it is free why not other channels did cover the same? There should be either of below reasons; one must be all the other channels would have given more importance to sorrow bomb blast news than the happy marriage function or they would have not allowed to surroundings of the marriage as TV9 is exclusively covering it.

This is how our news channels are at present!

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Bans said...

Hi Rock,
Indeed it is first time I look into your blogspot. I have been living outside India for 5+ yrs now, and have no idea how the "FREE TV" media transformed. My brother was telling sometime about all the useless programmes that are bombarding the youth. Is there any possibility to iniatiate a PIL against these channels. Ofcourse, we want freedom to media but moral values as well. If channels dont get the message into heads, then the court will take a step how they should behave.

Rakesh said...

hi, thanks for your reply & sorry for late response!
actually am trying to go with an young & aggressive lawyer to go froward in this issue.
if you have any suggestions, pls feel free to convey.

Anonymous said...

Madyam taagina markataalu kada TV9 office lo vunnadi... vaallu alane chestaaru mari..!!(Translation: Monkeys which had toddy, will behave in the same manner..!!